Basic advice on making vegetable milks

jarradeaguaWe are going to share with you some of the things that we´ve learnt making many kinds of vegetable drinks with our Chufamix. It´s a learning process which has had many contributions from people all around the world.

Water temperature:

Each type of food has different nutritional benefits, and so do the drinks that we make. For example, drinks made with nuts have more density than drinks made with cereals like rice or wheat based cereals. However, oat drinks, like flax and chia, usually become gelatinous. And we could be here for hours explaining the different characteristics.

We prefer to summarise the basic information on how to work with different seeds/cereals/nuts, etc. We use:

HOT WATER: Usually around 60ºC , and not more than 80ºC, for:

  • Cereals (flakes or grains, be it rice, or oats or spelt…)
  • Hard seeds: Hemp, sesame, quinoa

NORMAL WATER: Natural, room temperature water for:

  • Nuts
  • Herbal rhizome (tigernuts)
  • Pre-cooked leguminous plants, like soya or peanut
  • Seeds: Flax and Chia.

Raw material:

Here is a general outline on how to deal with every seed, cereal and nut.

  • Use the raw, peeled product: Soft nuts such as Cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and macadamias. Use cereals such as oats, rice, spelt, e.t.c. in flakes.

  • Soya and whole cereals must be boiled between 10 and 30 minutes before using them to make a beverage. We boil them because in their raw state, they are either too toxic or too hard for our stomachs.

  • Hard nuts, like almonds and hazelnuts, tigernuts-, grains of whole raw cereal and hard seeds, like sesame, quinoa or chia, must be soaked for between 2 and 12 hours before making the beverage. All of these nuts and seeds must be soaked, because they are too hard to be ground in their natural state.

mixernaranjaThe mixer:

When using the mixer, we use the lowest setting, we don’t need to use a lot of power. Mixing takes between 1 and 2 minutes, depending on the hardness and size of the foods.

With small seeds, we recommend using the highest setting, because the smaller seeds are difficult to squeeze and they pass through the blades. We also recommend using just half a litre of water with little seeds to reduce the liquid to seed balance, thus helping the process. There may be a suction effect, but there is no danger.

In another chapter we will give advice on conserving the drinks, using sweeteners and sedimentation of the drinks.

If you want to start with some recipes, take a look at the recipe book at

2 thoughts on “Basic advice on making vegetable milks

  1. Can you confirm what type of rice works best for rice milk? Do you soak the rice first? We find a lot of rice un-ground at the bottom of the filter.

    • Hello Maria,

      we´ve made rice milk in Chufamix with: rice flakes, cooked rice leftovers, non soaked raw white rice, and different types of soaked raw rice grains like: whole grains, white rice, basmati, red rice…

      Anne-Lie (our sweedish partner) and myself, we usually use “basmati” raw rice. It´s very aromatic and easy to blend.

      I put 100grams of rice to make a litre of rice milk.
      Firstly, I soak the rice (any variety of raw rice) overnight.
      Next morning, I remove the water and I fill the container of Chufamix with ½ litre of hot water (80ºC) and I place the rice and some flavourings (salt, lemon peel, and cinammon, and optionaly, few nuts or black sesame) into the filtering glass.
      Blend for 1 minute (Please make sure your stab mixer is over 300W, and if it has the turbo position, use it).
      Making the milk with ½ litre allows you blending and grounding seeds much better.
      Finaly, add the other half litre and follow mixing for about 15 seconds.

      The leftover is perfect for cooking: add to soups, vegetable creams, etc. You have more information about how to recycle pulps in this link.

      If you have any doubt, please contact again!


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