How to preserve natural vegetal drinks


Home-made drinks and natural drinks which are not sterilized, pasteurized or homogenized, such as the drinks we make at home, will not last for long. Unlike pre-packaged vegetable and animal milks.


1-It´s important to keep it cold

When we make it, we know the natural drink is alive, this means that all of its nutrients (enzymes, amino acids, minerals, fats, vitamins) are alive and always transforming. In order to make the drink last for several days, we must keep them in the fridge, between 3ºC and 5ºC. The cold temperature slows down the nutrients´ activity so that we can store it for longer. At room temperature micro organisms work faster and the drink may go off in just a few hours.



Expiry ranges from 3 to 5 days in the fridge, depending on the power of the fridge, the quality of the raw material (cereals, nuts or seeds) and on the quality of the water used. Anyway, a natural drink is like a wine, the older it gets, the better it is!



3- Can we heat a natural vegetal drink taken from the fridge?


Many people have asked this. Yes, of course! We have said that a natural drink is sensitive to changes in temperature, more than a drink which has been sterilized or pasteurized. All of the natural drinks we´ve tried, made with cereals, nuts or seeds, and we´ve tried many, do not thicken when heated. You can use them exactly the same as pasteurised products by adding them to coffee, tea, to cook with, etc.



However, in the case of natural oat milk, it will fatten and become creamy when heated. This is because it contains mucilage which is a natural thickener found in raw oats. This will not happen when using a pasteurised version of the product because the mucilage and other natural nutrients are dead.


Some others such as chia, oats and linseed also have a thickening effect. So they are great for making desserts, cream, béchamel, and if you like its texture, they are also good to drink hot.




  • We may heat any vegetal drink, to drink it hot or to cook with.
  • If we put it in the fridge again after heating it up, we are just speeding its expiry.

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