Grape and Pear juice


Grape juice isn’t easy to make, because you must filter it well, so there is some work to do. With Chufamix’s filter glass we can make it easily.

It is a great choice in autumn and winter, because we use season fruits at the right time.


  • A bunch of grapes
  • A pear
  • Half a litre of water (optional)

How to make it:

Clean and dry the fruit. Separate the grapes from its branches and put it into the filter glass to the top of the mesh, cut up the pear and remove the seeds as they will make the juice bitter-. If we mix it all with half a litre of water, we will get 750 ml of natural juice. And if we don’t add water we will get 400 ml of juice, but it will be tastier.

It is a great choice in autumn, because we use seasonal fruits at the right harvesting time.

When the grape is quite ripe, the juice will be sweeter due to its natural sugars. If it isn’t so ripe, you may need to add some sweetener, such as honey, whole cane sugar or some sweetener; you may also use a couple of dates or half a banana as a natural sweetener.

The pulp: This time, the remaining pulp is hard to use, because it will be full of squashed grape seeds and peel.

Cleaning the filter: When we use black grapes or red grapes this may dye the mesh. In that case, soak the filter in the container with soapy water for about half an hour and then clean it as you usually do but focussing on the mesh. Be gentle to avoid breaking it. Once the filter is clean, don’t forget to dry it carefully with a cloth.


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