What can we do with the pulp?

Here at Chufamix, we encourage you to recycle the pulp after making your vegetable drinks. Never throw it down the sink because it could block it.


  1. Gastronomic: You can cook tasty recipes, both sweet and savoury. In the recipes section, there is a special chapter on recipes which use the remaining pulp. It´s constantly growing with people’s contributions.

  2. Nutritional supplement: If you don’t wish to cook with the pulp, you can directly use it as an addition to soups, purées, salads, yogurts…even in muesli.

  3. Garden and plants: great compost for our garden and plants.

  4. Animals:Especially chickens, love vegetable pulp.

  5. Cosmetics:Yet to be explored.

Keeping the pulp: 

Be aware, because the pulp ferments quickly, even if its kept in the fridge. It shouldn’t be kept for more than 48 to 72 hours.

How to take it out of the filter:

Either by hand or using a wooden spoon, and always carefully, to avoid damaging the filter.


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