Public springs and drinking water in Europe


Natural water spring

The quality of water is very important to make a good vegetable milk. The amount of natural, fresh springs with water coming from the mountain and its subterranean rivers are decreasing because many of them are now connected to the public water network.


Many springs have been closed, and now all that remains is a broken tap, or the stones that decorated them. This happened in most of Europe during the 20th century and the early 21st century. In the 80s, near my house (in a city from the Basque Country) there were 5 springs, now there is just one (that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t).


undrinkable water?

These days, springs with groundwater that have not been chemically treated must have a sign that reads “undrinkable water”, because of the law. In some cases, this can be deceiving, because in many “wild” springs there is healthy water, of good quality, that is drinkable. That is why in many villages they chose to put a sign that reads “untreated water” instead of “undrinkable water”, so that each of us decide whether to take the risk of drinking it or not, depending on the advice of the locals, we are old enough to decide for ourselves.


We want to congratulate all of the people that still keep public springs, with groundwater (untreated water, fresh and natural, with all of its bacteriological life intact) and to encourage them to take care of this treasure for many years to come.



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