Properties of birdseeds’ milk

Birdseed is an herbaceous plant of the Gramineae family, and it comes from the Mediterranean.

Bird seeds

Bird seeds

Its seeds, and the vegetal milk produced with them, are among the strongest and most nutritional and, speaking from a sensorial point of view, its vegetal milk is delicious.

It has a strong capacity of recharging the enzymes; it is an excellent source of antioxidants, which prevent aging and premature skin debilitation. It doesn’t have gluten or lactose.

It also has high vegetal protein content, and its enzymes are an ideal natural medicine to cure an inflammation in some organs such as the liver, kidney and pancreas, which makes it an impressive regenerator for the pancreas, that is why it is recommended, for example, for cirrhosis or other liver diseases.

It also recharges the kidneys with enzymes and helps eliminating the excess of liquids, and it contains lipase, an enzyme that helps to cleanse harmful fats in veins and arteries, as well as cleansing the accumulation of fats, and due to all this it is recommended in diets to loose weight for people with obesity.

Birdseed milk also helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, and helps in case of gout, oedema, and gastritis and stomach ulcer.


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