Grinding the seeds at home

Ground almonds

Ground almonds

When we make a plant-based milk from hard seeds, such as tigernuts (chufa), we usually leave them to soak for 12 to 24 hours. If they aren´t soaked beforehand, the blender suffers a lot and may even break.

Alternatively, grind the tiger nuts before placing them in the filtering glass, but be careful if using an electric coffee grinder not to break the motor! The motor can be damaged if it doesn´t have enough power (I´ve broken 2 so far!!) . For people who do not have a professional tool like the Thermomix or a powerful electric grain mill, there are other options.
We started
experimenting with a tiny coffee grinder, which are mostly used for decoration these days. We were able to grind the tigernuts without any problem! It took 30 minutes to grind 200g. It works, but its not a very comfortable way to do it. So even though its a sustainable and affordable alternative for everyone, it isn´t ideal.

Two months later, by chance, in a second hand market, we found a manual wall grinder. Of course, we bought it and tried it out.

Manual wall grinder

Manual wall grinder

For me this was a better solution, because the wall grinder is easier to use than the table grinder. You only have to turn one handle without having to hold on to the grinder at the same time.

We tested this wall grinder with different seeds: large seeds, super small seeds and slippery ones, like flax seeds, and it has given us good results all round …

If you ever have the chance to purchase one, it is a very sustainable option that also eliminates the need for electricity. Genious!



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