Hemp milk: Nutritional values

Hemp plant with seeds

Hemp plant with seeds

Hemp is a plant that is well adapted to most climates , it doesn´t need much water and is highly resistant to pests, so cultivation doesn´t need chemical pesticides.

It´s typically grown in Mediterranean countries and Asia. Hemp is one of the most beneficial plants.
Humans have used hemp dating back thousands of years not only to eat but for many other uses such as:

Ropes, clothes, massage oil , incense oil , cosmetics, used to make paper , paint, etc. . And apart from this, you can eat it; it can be used in infusions, turned into oil for human consumption , it can be germinated to enhance its nutritional properties , it can also be used to make hemp seeds milk ...

In the 60s , however , the U.S. government banned hemp crops .
Why did they do this? Because of economical interests , of course, as it was already competing with the plastic and cotton industries.

Hemps seeds

Hemps seeds

Nutritional values:

  • One of the most interesting properties of hemp seeds is that it´s used as a vegetable protein for human and animal consumption. It contains 20 amino acids , 9 of which are essential for humans . And in turn, it´s one of the more digestible vegetable proteins.

  • Its
    rich in fatty acids which make it very desirable to care for or to prevent cardiovascular disease . It has a very balanced ratio of omega 3 and 6 ( 3:1 ) .

  • It contributes to the
    proper functioning of the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant (high in fatty acids and vitamins A and E)

  • Ideal to treat
    constipationas it has a high percentage of fiber.

  • A common misconception is that hemp is a drug, however, you must know that hemp seeds don´t contain THC.

It´s another treasure of the exciting world of seeds!


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