Sesame milk´s properties


Native to Africa and Asia , also called ajonjolí or benne , sesame is one of the oldest seeds and it has been used primarily in Asia for its nutritional, preventative and curative properties.

Sesame seed has a
pleasant flavour which stands out for its high protein content and high levels of calcium, iron and zinc. In Chufamix we like to use it as a nutritional supplement in other milks or natural vegetable juices.

It was one of the first oil seeds known to humanity. It contains
fatty acids that help to regulate blood cholesterol levels.

It has a
high fiber content, contributing to the regulation of intestinal function , and has outstanding antioxidant properties:vitamins B and E.

For a
good absortion of its nutrients it´s necessary to toast sesame seeds and grind them a bit. However, if we make a cream it can lose its properties and become undigestible .

Sesame consumption is recommended in pregnancy and menopause, in cases of
anemia, to prevent male infertility,to regulate cholesterol and lubricate the heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys and lungs.

It is used by various cultures around the world in diverse ways; used in oil, tahin ( gomasio ) and halva (a sesame and honey mixture from East Arabia), and also in the form of vegetable milk…


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