Juice from pineapple stem


We´re used to eating the most tender part of the pineapple and throwing away the hardest. the core. It´s a shame because the core has many properties (vitamins and enzymes) that contribute to the cleaning and regeneration of the digestive system.

With this recipe you can make the most of the core and all of its properties, simply.


  • The core of a pineapple
  • A finger width of natural water


  1. Dice the core of the pineapple into small cubes.
  2. Put a finger width of water into the chufamix container and add the filtering glass.
  3. Put some of the pineapple into the filtering glass just enough to cover it with water.
  4. Blend well and then continue adding pineapple pieces little by little.

With one core you get one glass of juice.

Tips and Alternatives

The result is a very smooth flavoured drink rather than sweet, but it can be sweetened with honey or other sweetener to make it more flavoursome.



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