Tiger nuts milk’s properties


Tiger nuts, Earth almond or Chufa.

We are tiger nut lovers. It has been cultivated in Valencia (Spain) by the family farming model, at least, since the Middle Ages . We use it to make a delicious ” horchata ” or tiger nut milk. It´s also a very nutritional and medicinal drink. According to scientific and contrasted serious medical studies, made by known entities and known doctors, the tiger nut as the natural tiger nut horchata are:

  1. Healthy for the heart due to its high content of oleic acid.

  2. Decreases and/or balances the cholesterol level in a natural way because it has HDL cholesterol.

  3. Regulates the intestinal process due to its high content of fibre, enzymes and starch.

  4. Recommended for diabetics if no sugar is added because it contains Arginine, a natural injector of Insuline.

  5. Contains minerals such as Magnesium (recommended for pregnant women and to diminish pain during the period), Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron and Calcium. However it is low in Sodium thus it is appropriate for patients with a high blood pressure.

  6. Contains enzymes such as amylase, lipase, catalase, etc. and this could explain its eupeptic properties.

  7. Antioxidant power due to its content in vitamins E and C.

  8. No Lactose, no Gluten. Gluten-free

  9. Fattens less than most of the industrial drinks and packaged fruit´s juices which has lot of added sugars.

You´ve never tasted it before? Here you have a nice tiger nut horchata recipe.

With or without sugar, as you prefer…

Healthy and tasty!


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