How to improve veggie milks with teas



Tea is a very healthy drink. Teas and infusions are often taken for breakfast, meals, at tea time… we take them for pleasure or for medical purposes such as to help digestion, to sleep, to heal the flu… Why not include them in our homemade veggie milks? Obtain a natural and healthy drink easily.

Preparation Methods

Traditional method: First you have to heat up water in a pot (1 litre or ½ litre) and when it starts boiling add the herbs that you like. Sometimes, when the herb is very thick or the root is used, you will have to leave it boiling for a little longer to properly brew. With others, you can simply let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes soaking in the warm water. Then strain the infusion and you may substitute the water for tea to make any of our popular veggie milks.

Express Method: Put hot water (80ºC) into the Chufamix container. Place the filtering glass and add the ingredients. In this moment we add also the herb. Blend and strain the milk from the pulp.

The amount of herb that is used depends on one´s tastes and habits, always observing what the medicinal manuals advise to make sure you don´t overdose on certain herbs!! We propose as a general rule to use one tablespoon of herb per litre of water.



In the case of using a fresh plant, the amount that is used to make the tea is doubled, because they carry water.

Raw material

It is important to use organic and locally grown plants. You can buy them from organic stores or local markets . Some bars are also already offering natural herbal teas and also selling them.

Another option is to collect them from the forest or the outdoors. The spring months are ideal to go for a walk and collect bouquets of medicinal plants. Clean them removing the dirt and leave to dry for at least one week, hanging the bouquet upside down in a well ventilated and dark place. When you see that they are dried , they are ready to store in jars, ideally in a dark place to better retain their properties. From the moment of harvesting, most of them retain their active principles for about a year.

You may also use the fresh plant. If you have space at home where you can plant – a pot , a garden – you can grow your own medicinal plants to use in your infusions .

In this link you have a manual on the ” medicinal garden” where you can ask questions to learn more about the cultivation and use of medicinal plants.


Some recipes made with Chufamix

Stevia to sweeten : We’ve tried making oat milk and rice milk infused with stevia, as it is an alternative way to sweeten . We´ve also tried to sweeten the tiger nuts with it, using in this case, the cold infusion. It adds a curious hint of aniseed and licorice flavour to the milk.

Melisa to relax: we tested the melisa with hemp milk , because it´s available and can be grown in pots and gardens. When it is not the season for lemons or you don´t have them at hand , you can use this herb instead of lemon.

Mint to digest :we have added mint to birdseed milk and hemp milk to add a touch of flavor. It is an ideal summer drink.

Hortiga too purify :We´ve tested the hortiga herb with cereal milk and birdseed milk. The taste is barely noticeable but it is a way to obtain the wonderful virtues of this plant so unapreciated today. ( link to the video recipe, express method )

Berries for vitamins :we´ve also tested making oat milk infused with berries. In this case the milk becomes a pinkish colour, and the taste also varies.( link to recipe, traditional method)

More recipes with tea base in our free download recipe book “Natural drinks” (page 81)

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