ATTENTION: ChufaMix doesn’t work with transgenic seeds!


Seeds and water are necessary elements that we use with Chufamix to make vegetable milks. Seeds and water, similarly to the Earth and the Sun, are the fundamentals of life.

More than 10.000 years ago humans started growing cereals and carefully selecting the best seeds to be cultivated for the following years.

In the same way, nature itself also improves and adapts the DNA of seeds to all types of climatic and geological conditions.

Thanks to this, seeds have been “cross-bred” producing the huge diversity of plant varieties that surround us and they also have all the nutrients that we need to survive.

But now all this is changing at an unimaginable speed, and consequently, our survival is at risk.

To better understand what is happening, we propose that you see this excellent and very informative video documentary. This movie shows how some trans-national enterprises, like Monsanto, have been patenting and modifying seeds DNA to dominate the global agricultural-alimentary system since the 1950´s. This has caused family farmers to abandon their land, controlled what humans drink and eat, and affected the planets global “health” along with the food security of all the species living in it.

Don’t miss out!! It´s worth investing one hour and a half of your precious time to see!!

At Chufamix, we suggest that you use local, organic and non-transgenic seeds for making homemade veggie milk and we want to repeat this. Using GMO (genetic modify organism) seeds is harmful for our dear Chufamix!! The filtering glass has a special natural substance designed to self-combust when using these kinds of seeds … BEWARE!! (ha ha ha!!…..)

And of course, we encourage you to at least grow 1 seed at sometime in your life to help generate the diversity of life and it´s surroundings!!

Big hug.

PD: if you want to buy or get high quality local seeds you can contact Via Campesina (an international small farmers network). It´s very important to ensure that the seeds you are using are of good quality because Monsanto have bought many seed enterprises all around the planet.

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