Recycling pulp


After making milk or juice, we have pulp left over.
What can we do with it? We have several ideas to turn it into a delicacy that will delight the palate and pocket. “Pulping” in our language means recycling, inventing, tasting, discovering how to eat better.
Shall we pulp?


  1. Tigernut pulp CAKE
  2. Yogurt CAKE with coconut pulp
  3. Original fruit pulp COOKIES
  4. Cocoa & nuts CREAM       (video recipe)
  5. FACIAL MASK with oat milk pulp     (COSMETIC)
  6. Peanut & avocado HUMMUS
  7. Almond raw PATÉ with herbs
  8. PIZZA dough with oats´ pulp
  9. Coconut & almond TRUFFLES      (video recipe)
  10. Oats & Cereals pulps´  VEGGIEBURGUERS

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