Which nutrients are passed from the seed to the natural veggie milk ?


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Since we started the ” Chufamix ” adventure we have the curiosity to answer the following question : Which of the seed´s nutrients , from nuts or cereals are maintained in the home-made veggie milk ? We know that as … Continue reading

How to improve veggie milks with teas


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  Tea is a very healthy drink. Teas and infusions are often taken for breakfast, meals, at tea time… we take them for pleasure or for medical purposes such as to help digestion, to sleep, to heal the flu… Why … Continue reading

Germinating seeds at home (1º part)


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On the 15-16 March a meeting for the exchange of local seeds was held at the Bizitoki country house hotel in the beautiful province of Baxe Nafarroa (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) which we attended with great interest. At this meeting two open workshops … Continue reading

Soya milk, yin & yang.


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Soy is a bean of eastern origins that represents as no other the real Yin-Yang philosophy: YIN: Especially rich in proteins, compared with other vegetable drinks, because it contains the 8 essential amino acids that the body needs to work. … Continue reading